Friday, July 8, 2011

Master Bath Sneak Peak

You may remember that we had to replace our entire waste line recently, just before Baby M was born. As a part of that process, we had to tear out the master bath, which really was ok, because it needed to be re-done.


It just wasn't necessarily in our budget for this year - we were hoping to wait a little while. But we didn't have a choice! So we asked Justin's dad to "help" us put the bathroom back together after the plumber had fixed the waste line (read: spend all your free time & energy for several months doing all the work on your own - that's what happened after Baby M came - we were no help!). We're so very thankful for him! I truly couldn't ask for a better father-in-law. He's been working so hard on this project, coming by most evenings, after his long work-days as a PT. And of course there have been set-backs and complications at every corner! But now it's almost completely done! Here's a peak at some of the progress.


It was a pretty serious demo project. It allllll came out - lathe & plaster walls, moldy shower tiles & old wood-framed window in the shower (yes, wood window... in the shower...) , the entire floor, sink, tub, toilet... I'm a little concerned about what my husband & father-in-law inhaled during this phase. Yuck!


A friend thought I was painting the walls purple... nope! That's the color of the drywall.
This glass cabinet was a frugal find at Bud's Warehouse - "home improvement thrift store." GREAT place!

The walls are painted now with Behr's Rocky Mountain Sky -
a soothing shade of greenish blue.

Glass tile accent in the shower.

The mosaic tile floors might be my favorite part! They give a vintage feel, which I wanted, to match our 100 year-old house.

Now I get to start on the fun part - accessorizing, decorating & making it a functional space! In fact, my husband is giving me the gift of a couple hours to myself this afternoon, and I'm going shopping for a vanity mirror!

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  1. It looks lovely! I love the colors. You guys have done a great job with it. I can't tell from here, but from the pictures it even looks bigger.