Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Unfinished Projects vs. Progress

I can't believe how July is just slipping away. I've really intended to post more often! What have I been up to (aside from normal life )? Well, I've either been dabbling in a number of projects ADD style, or I've been making progress in multiple areas... depends on how you look at it!

Dresser turned kitchen island taking shape - I began sanding a few nights ago, in the precious 1.5 hours I have to myself every day, between 8:30pm & 10pm And my neighbor only yelled at me once. Sigh. I guess I can't blame her... I was using a fairly loud power tool on my back porch at 9:45pm on a Thursday night. I was going to quit at 10:00, though, I promise! She probably doesn't realize that I have a baby who doesn't nap, and an EXTREMELY active/demanding toddler who doesn't give me a moment of peace all day. Night is the only chance I get to do things like this! I was mad/upset for a few minutes, and then I got over it. She was probably right.

messy work!

Now it's mostly painted... just a few finishing touches, and then a new top, and it'll be ready to show y'all!

Sewed a couple 20 minute pillows - no zippers, welting or adornment. (Although an attempt at a short-cut turned them into 90 minute pillows! Should have just done them properly the first time... sigh.) The striped ones are new... I already had the red & floral pillows.

The striped fabric was a remnant I found in a clearance bin a year or so ago... picked it up for some unnamed project. The back is leftover brown corduroy from M's nursery.

They're not the most amazing pillows in the world, but just a little pick-me-up for the couch, which it's been needing for a while! And I'm currently really loving yellow - so I like this little splash of yellow mixed in with the reds & greens in my house.

Made matching shirts for baby & bro (tutorial to come!):

Mostly, though, I've been hanging with baby M & big brother Finley. Today we had a family outing at Evergreen Lake with Daddy. We escaped the heat & spent time together as a family - win-win!

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  1. I can't wait to see your kitchen island. That's such a cool project idea! The shirts are adorable too. I'll be watching for your tutorial!