Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dining Room Curtains

When I saw these fabulous Anthropologie-inspired curtains on Pinterest a few weeks ago from a really fun blog called Besserina, I knew they would be perfect for my dining room. Bess, the author, offers a great tutorial, which I followed to a T -- be sure to go check it out! These curtain made such a splash, she is even offering them for sale on Etsy now. The only adjustment I made to her tutorial was using 70-inch wide fabric to accommodate my large window. I considered adding another ruffle to each panel, but decided to stick with just two, and I love them!

I had been looking for curtains with a slightly vintage feel, but also elegant. I've got a lot of color in my house, so I liked the idea of neutral yet dramatic drapes. Here they are, hanging in my dining room!

And I have to add that osnaburg is my new favorite fabric. It has a wonderful natural color and texture, frays beautifully, and it's quite inexpensive! I found it at for under $5/yard. I used about 10 yards for my project, so the curtains cost me less than $50. At that price, they can't be beat, even if this project was a bit time-consuming with all the pleats. They're worth it!

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