Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's the little things...

I'm surviving a week with my husband out of town.  Two weeks actually.  But for the second stretch of time, I'm going to take the kids to my parent's B&B in Cedaredge for a change of scenery.  Wow... you don't truly appreciate someone and all the help, support and grounding they give until they're gone.  I miss him!

Although the house is a mess, the neighbors are mad because my kids were shouting in the yard at 6:55am (yes, I know... too early - please don't lecture me), there's an ant infestation in the kitchen, and I've got about 6 loads of laundry to wash, dry & fold tonight, I'm choosing to be happy about the little things.

Tonight it was these little salt & pepper shakers that made me smile.  I found them in the clearance bin at Anthropologie, which makes me even happier.  Two little love birds...  

Two pairs of love birds actually. 

Ha ha... get it?  Oh dear.  Please forgive me. I need some sleep!

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