Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Pick Your Plum"

Have you seen this website yet?

Pick Your Plum

It's my new favorite "daily deal" site. I think daily deal websites are ingenious. They prey off the consumer's desire for a bargain, while creating a sense of urgency. And then they show you a tally of how many other people have already bought the 'deal', hence telling you in yet another way that you just MUST have this product... service... whatever. I know how this works, but I'm still such a sucker!

Pick Your Plum is all super fun crafting supplies at a serious bargain. And I love that their deals are often just a couple dollars! Another way to suck me right in.

Here are a few of my finds:

Magnets made from vintage door knobs.
This was a crafted item more than a crafting item, really.

Peel & stick chalkboard vinyl to create a days of the week menu board. I'm thinking of putting these on a magnetic board to go on our fridge:

Pattern & tutorial for these super cute pear & apple pincushions from The Idea Room. Could you figure out how to make these on your own? Probably. But is it worth $2 to save the time & energy? For me, yes! Time is everything when you have little ones at home.

So go ahead, pick your plum, and get some stuff to inspire your next project! I'll be right there with you, picking away.


  1. Thanks for the website :) Love those daily bargain rooms too, especially when they really ARE bargains!

  2. I've never heard of this one! I'm already a sucker for all the sample sale and flash sale sites, but I don't think I'll have as much buyer's remorse about this one. Thanks, K!