Thursday, May 12, 2011

Frugal Find: Kid's Clothes

Shopping is one of my weaknesses. I love searching for that perfect item amidst the sea of choices. But what I love even more than shopping is finding an incredible bargain. Sometimes I have to stop myself from buying something I don't need or want, just because it's a good deal! But one way I take care of my family is by saving us money. So I put my love of bargain hunting to good use.

Here's my most recent find: Whenever I'm in Target, I cruise quickly through the kid's clothes, and check out the clearance racks. I buy things my boys will need when they're a good deal, rather than when we need them. For example, my boys need t-shirts for this summer, so I've been on the hunt for them. BabyGap has great clearance racks, so I headed there first a few weeks ago. But the t-shirts were still $8-$10 on clearance! So I resisted. A couple days ago, while cruising through Target, I found a stash of t-shirts for $1.12! So I stocked up. I got my toddler a couple for this summer (they're already in the wear & wash rotation - so no pics here!), and then I planned ahead:

Cute matching T's for my boys - they'll fit next summer!

A 2-piece sweater/pants set with cute details for $4.24! Emerson will be able to wear this in a year or so...

And this T for M to wear this summer was just too cute to pass up for $1.12!

Where do you find affordable kid's clothing? Any tips to share?

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