Friday, February 24, 2012

Old Light Bulbs + Twine = Pears!

We're getting ready for Baby M's first birthday here on Lincoln Street. I can't quite believe it's already been a year since we met him. I'll report back about his birthday party next week - prepare for lots of owls!

Anyway, as I was writing a birthday message to him on a little chalkboard in the bathroom, I realized I'd never shared my twine pears with you.

I can't seem to find where the image originated from, but after seeing a picture of a trio of light bulbs wrapped in twine, I started saving my supplies right away: old light bulbs, twine from the garage, twigs & a glue gun. Free projects are my favorite kind! It was a bit time-consuming to wrap the twine around and around, but easy enough that I could just turn my brain off (it's usually fried after I get the kids to bed every evening anyway!), catch up on my favorite TV show and glue away. I'd like to make a few more, to fill a whole bowl. But for now, I'm enjoying them in this little shelf.

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